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  • Over 45000 Happy Patients Families
  • First Bariatric lady from Asia and a regular faculty in various National & International conferences for presentations and live demonstration of advanced Lap. & Bariatric surgeries
  • First Center in India Certified as a ‘Center of excellence by Dr.N.Scopinaro, Italy Hon President(IFSO),Father of Bariatric surgery.
  • LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS for performining “44 Hernia Repairs in 10 hours ” in 2005.
  • Reputed training center in India for laproscopic bariatric surgeries ! proctored and trained over 1000 surgeons from all over INDIA AND ASIA PACIFIC REGIONS .
  • Recongnized for “innovative work in the field of LAP. , Bariatric and Metabollic surgeries” by various American and European  associations


Her team is included in the Limca book of Records for operating 44 hernia patients in 10 hours and still unbroken over last 10 years. She visited several centres in countries such as Italy, USA, Brazil, Germany and France where she upgraded her skills in this area.

1st Indian female bariatric surgeon to perform live demonstration at national and international platforms

COSMID a prospective randomized control trial of the effectiveness & safety of gastric bypass surgery vs optimal medical lifestyle management of type II diabetes in India

Lap Splenectomy for Trauma: Lapsurg 2002 Coimbatore World congress of Laparoscopic Surgery ELSA 2002 Tokyo, Japan. Lap Splenectomy for Trauma SLS, Las Vegas, 2003

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Meet Our Director

The Backbone of our Clinic

Dr Jayashree Todkar

(M.B.B.S., M.S., DLS (India), DLS (France), FAIS)

“The human body experiences a powerful positive gravitational pull in the direction of hope. This is exactly why a patient’s hope is a surgeon’s secret weapon, the hidden ingredients in any prescription.” As Asia’s first female bariatric specialist, Dr. Jayashree Todkar understands the unique issues that confront weight-loss patients before and after shedding kilos. Her unmatched skill as a surgeon, combined with a genuine concern for each and every one of the 45,000 + patients  she has cured, has earned her the distinction of being one of the most trusted bariatric surgeons in the medical arena.

A postgraduate from the esteemed B.J Medical College, Pune, she earned her Diploma from the University of Strasbourg, France followed by fellowships in Italy (2005), and USA (2009) as well as bariatric training in Brazil (2008). Since then, she has devoted her career to perfecting and performing all manners of advanced laparoscopic operations, every type of hernia repair, bariatric and metabolic surgeries to name a few. But she says it’s her role as a bariatric surgeon that regularly yields the most dramatic and satisfying results.

“I feel like I can make a difference. No matter how big or small, needing any surgery changes your life.With each patient I have treated, I know I have touched their lives and been a part of their journey towards a healthier tomorrow” she says. Her passion and constant involvement in the advancement of bariatric surgery is demonstrated by her ongoing yearly research, development, peer reviewed publications and attendance of prestigious national and international conferences. “This is my passion.This is my mission. I am determined to work with people across this country to change the way all generations think about obesity.”

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Childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term effects on health and well-being.

Bariatric surgery is a most scientific treatment to achieve a successful and sustained weight loss and improvement in weight related diseases

It includes the organs necessary to digest food and process waste.

Hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it.

“Laparoscopic” is used to describe a procedure that is performed largely laparoscopically

It includes the organs necessary to digest food and process waste.

Metabolic Surgery for Type – 2 diabetes

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Get rid of weight and Weight related problems

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This is an operation to achieve a good weight loss (almost 60% of excess weigth) and has long term impact.

An effective operative method of restricting quantity of food intake by way of a simple, adjustable day care procedure, which is reversible .

A simple operation were by the expanded stomach is converted into vertical tube .

A gold standard procedure by isolating a portion of the stomach .

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